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I have decided to make my Tibia based Pokemon server available, which I spent many years programming from scratch (based on TFS 1.2). It is very light (can host 1000+ players online) and very stable (there are not known bugs that can cause stability issues).

It is also very easy to edit, for example here is how to add a new Pokemon (you can specify directly on XML level, moves, evolutions, etc). Nothing else is necessary!

Example of how to add a new Pokemon

              <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
              <monster name="Abra" nameDescription="an abra" race="psychic" race2="none" experience="31" speed="180" manacost="0">
                <level min="10" max="25" />
                <health now="527" max="527" />
                <look type="966" head="113" body="57" legs="95" feet="113" corpse="26924" />
                <targetchange interval="5000" chance="0" />
                  <flag summonable="1" />
                  <flag attackable="1" />
                  <flag hostile="1" />
                  <flag passive="0" />
                  <flag illusionable="1" />
                  <flag convinceable="1" />
                  <flag pushable="1" />
                  <flag canpushitems="1" />
                  <flag canpushcreatures="0" />
                  <flag targetdistance="1" />
                  <flag staticattack="97" />
                  <flag runonhealth="0" />
                  <flag dexentry="63" />
                  <flag portraitid="27179" />
                  <flag hasshiny="0" />
                  <flag hasmega="0" />
                  <flag flyable="0" />
                  <flag rideable="0" />
                  <flag surfable="0" />
                  <flag canteleport="1" />
                  <flag catchchance="23" />
                  <flag moveMagicAttackBase="105" />
                  <flag moveMagicDefenseBase="55" />
                  <event name="MonsterHealthChange" />
                  <event name="CorpseLevel" />
                  <event name="CorpseLoot" />

                  <move name="double slap" interval="3000" isTarget="1" range="1" />
                  <move name="zen headbutt" interval="7000" isTarget="1" />

                  <evolution name="Kadabra" level="25" chance="50" itemName="enigma stone" count="1" />

                  <attack name="melee" interval="2000" min="-20" max="-20" />
                  <attack name="double slap" interval="3000" chance="40" range="1" target="1" />
                  <attack name="zen headbutt" interval="7000" chance="40" target="1" />

                <defenses armor="0" defense="15" >


                <voices interval="5000" chance="10">
                  <voice sentence="ABRA!" />
                  <item name="enigma stone" countmax="1" chance="88" />
                  <item name="gold coin" countmax="35" chance="40000" />
                  <item name="blue gem" countmax="2" chance="10000" />
                  <item name="future orb" countmax="2" chance="30000" />


It already has many features implemented (including all standard pokemon features and some unique features!).

Some available features (many missing!)

✅ Pokemons with level, status and boosts.

✅ Love system (your pokemon gets stronger than others if it kills strong pokemons).

✅ 4 generations of Pokemons (included Shiny and Ancient)

✅ More than 40 quests and tasks

✅ Moves bar and pokemon bar.

✅ Autoloot.

✅ Automatic daily events.

✅ Professions: Catcher, Hunter, Blocker, Healer, Explorer

A lot more!



version 1.02

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